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About Us

Lavoro is a behavior-based wellness-to-safety company focusing on small to large business' throughout South Louisiana. Our experience servicing major capital projects for corporations like Chevron, Shell, British Petroleum, and Transocean has molded our successful approach to workplace wellness and safety. Our programs center around the employer/employee in terms of individualization, confidentiality, and purpose. 

Lavoro's Value

Experience. Vision. Approach. Passion.

Lavoro’s Experience combines 30+ YEARS of developing, directing, and implementing behavior-based wellness programs for major capital projects, small businesses, and individuals. 

Lavoro’s Vision is to SERVE as a partner in our client's journey to shape their workplace culture into a healthier, more productive one. We deliver on our vision by engaging in partnerships that benefit our client and community.

Lavoro’s Approach puts our CLIENT'S FIRST by helping them better understand their health strengths and deficiencies, and developing a specific program that fits their individual needs and eliminates pointless spending. 

Lavoro's Passion is YOUR company's wellness goals. We have devoted our lives to health as it relates to an individual's behaviors and lifestyle choices, and how they affect a company. Today, we build on our passion by delivering workplace wellness and safety solutions to the business community.

Lavoro's Worth

Targeted. Cost-Effective. Measurable. Results.

Lavoro supports our clients by developing TARGETED wellness-to-safety solutions that address the most pressing and costly health and safety issues. Our clients high-risks issues and behaviors are given the proper attention through employer and employee individualization.

Lavoro strengthens our client’s business by providing COST-EFFECTIVE service packages that fit their budget and needs. Our goal is to build a program with self-reliance as the end objective, where our role becomes more consultant than driver thus saving our clients money.  

Lavoro partners with our clients to build MEASURABLE health objectives. Using client assessments, clear objectives are set with described results, measurable targets and thresholds, and an agreed upon timetable.

Lavoro produces real RESULTS by providing science-based behavior modification that seeks to find the root cause of an individual’s health deficiencies. Our hands-on approach allows our clients to worry about their day-to-day operations while their employee health issues are resolved. 










537 Cajundome Boulevard     Lafayette, LA 70506


537 Cajundome Boulevard     Lafayette, LA 70506


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Wellness-to-safety Services


Workplace Wellness

Aware of your company's health deficiencies? Want healthier and safer employees?

Lavoro provides behavior-based wellness-to-safety programs that center on education, health assessments, bio metric screenings, physical testing, and behavior management. Our goal is to increase the knowledge base of employees with the expectations of positively affecting health behavior and safety. Our packages are a blend of our services. The employer and employee benefit greatly by knowing their health strengths, deficiencies, and root causes with the objective of decreasing medical visits, safety issues, and insurance premiums.

Our experts have experience on oil and gas installations, multiple location businesses, remote locations, as well as office settings in several industries. Our client-specific programs are a great fit for companies small and large.  

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Desk & Field Ergonomics

Do you sit most of the workday? Do you lift objects or perform repititive motions?

Lavoro provides applied ergonomics consulting to assist clients in the development and implementation of cost-effective ergonomic programs. Our goal is to reduce job task stressors on the body to prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), improve work efficiency and productivity. All experts are Certified Behavior-Based Ergonomic Specialists (CBES). 

Our experts will educate employees on the body’s anatomy, common MSDs, symptoms of MSDs as well as a way to report them early. Our goal with any assessment(s) is to improve productivity, quality, safety and worker comfort by making practical ergonomic improvements in the workplace. A focus is given to improvements that will have a large impact and lower OSHA lost time and restricted day injury rates. .

Contact Lavoro to qualify for one of our ergonomic assessments. 


Health Screenings

Having issues with health costs? Not sure where your health issues are trending?

Lavoro provides comprehensive health and biometric screenings for any size company's workforce. Our tests were developed to assess basic health issues and physical tests dealing with upper, core, and lower body issues. Our assessments include lipid profiles, blood pressure, height and weight, BMI and body fat analysis, as well as abdominal, chest, back, shoulder, and leg strength and endurance. All physical tests are administered to provide our clients with up to date data that correlates to their industry and job tasks. 

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