5 Things About Workplace Wellness

5 Things About Workplace Wellness

There’s No “One Way”

There is no “one way” to conduct a wellness program. Workplace wellness programs can and will look different at every company. The program should be client specific by creating clear objectives that are relevant to the employees.
With regards to services, some companies choose to offer a focus on education. Others offer awareness services like biometric screenings. Still others may choose specific issues of focus such as ergonomics and/or behavior modification. All are great options if they fit the goal of pushing your overall health and safety environment in a positive direction.
The Pay Off

When purchasing a service or product, a company will no doubt be interested in its return on investment (ROI). Research has shown upwards of a 3:1 ROI on average in relation to health care costs versus workplace wellness costs. Also, savings can be seen in decreasing employee absenteeism, staff turnover, and job stress.
Employees can see several benefits related to a wellness program. Studies have shown programs can manage poor behavior and lifestyle choices, increase fruit and vegetable intake, reduce body weight, and decrease an individual’s susceptibility to chronic issues such as Hypertension and Diabetes.
Rewards the Healthy and Unhealthy

Although many feel that workplace wellness is only for healthy employees, workplace wellness programs are very inclusive. The term “wellness” is vague in definition, and the service possibilities are endless. Many providers address issues pertaining to mental health, financial wellness, and even ergonomics. Also, some programs have extended service to the spouses and dependents. So where a physically fit individual may not need a workout plan, they may benefit from a financial wellbeing seminar, sleep management, hydration, healthy relationships, and stress management.
Streamlines with Other Employee Benefits Programs

Annual health checkups, occupational safety programs, and smoking cessation programs are usually monitored by separate vendors. A workplace wellness program can be a “hub” that promotes those services to boost engagement. Linking existing programs through a workplace wellness service allows for the company to streamline its resources through one outlet, thus making the benefits packaging more effective.
The Determining Factor

It’s understood that a business is in business to make money. Otherwise, why exist? But the business world is littered with competitors looking for hire the best and brightest, or worse, take your finest. A workplace wellness program could be an asset used in recruiting new hires and retaining your seasoned employees. Also, your workforce’s active community involvement can highlight your products and services.     

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