Time Management and Your Health

"I'm too busy"...the most used excuse for an individual not adhering to exercise. Now, this doesn't mean that being busy on many occasions isn't justified. But, everyday? 

"Time is of the essence" is a phrase commonly used in business when a deadline is a condition of a contract. I'd argue with your health in mind that time is of the essence. Unfortunately, in life, we never know when our deadline is. I know that sounds grim. On the contrary, a few changes in our habits can have a tremendous effect on our health. Healthy habits, such as proper hydration and proper sleep, are proven to lengthen our life and make it much more enjoyable. 

Time management is a system or process that you use to organize your tasks in life. This is different per person. Common time management tools are calendars and planners. Today, there are a number of phone apps. Note: There is no set way to time manage. Too each his own.

Here are a few tips to manage for your health:

1. Rank Your Tasks by Most to Least Importance- We all have tasks that need to be completed each day. Until that day starts! Then more gets added to our plate. It happens. By ranking them, it allows us to eliminate the tasks that are more pressing in need and most probably causing the most stress. The key moving forward is to better understand where your health ranks in your everyday life. How high do you have it ranked? 

2. Stop Half Working on Tasks- How many times during the day do you have a task that should take 20 minutes only to have it take 30 minutes because you couldn't not pick up your cell phone? Often, it is just to check a text or browse on Facebook. Fight through the impulse to pick your phone up. That 10 minutes when added to the other times you "half worked" could be the 30 minutes you been trying to capture to exercise. Self-sabotage is tough to overcome. 

3. Learn to Say No- We all have our own issues and tasks to complete daily. As do others. Friends and coworkers will often ask us to help them. As much as we want to help them with their issue or work, do not help if it sets you back with your important tasks. You need to learn to say no respectfully.